14 Jan 2020

The Effect of Custom Apparel on Company Morale

Company morale is an important factor not only in the productivity of your business, but also the mental health of your employees. Low morale leads to unhealthy mindsets. These mindsets can spread and before you know it, you have an unhappy workforce. This is not good.

The good news is that company morale can be maintained with simple gestures like gifting your employees with custom apparel. Here is how custom apparel can help keep morale at your Nashville company high.

Team Building

It’s important for employees of a company to feel as if they are part of a team. People tend to perform better when they have the support of others. This is true in many areas of life, including their time at work. We tend to care a little more about what we are doing when we feel as if it reflects on those around us. And if we have a positive view of those around us, we are apt to try a little harder toward our goals.

There are many ways companies go about building this sense of a team throughout their employees—group trips, activities, and shared meals, for instance. But a simple way to go about this is to offer your employees custom apparel that is branded with the company logo. Giving your employees branded apparel puts them all on the same page. We align ourselves within groups. And custom apparel is a great way to get your Nashville employees to view themselves as part of the same group.

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Promotes Brand Identity

Every company has a guiding principle or theme. This is what we refer to as the brand identity. The company’s brand identity is important to consumers in that they are more easily able to understand the service your company provides. It is also important to how the company is run because it can act as a guiding force toward the way decisions are made. This brand identity can also be important to your employees.

It is essential for employees to understand the company they work for. This way, you can be sure they are representing the company in a cohesive way to all they come into contact with. This could take the form of the manner in which they work, the service they provide directly to consumers, or even how they talk about their work to others. Custom apparel helps to hammer home the idea of the company so your employees have a better understanding of it.


People don’t like to feel left out. This applies to every aspect of our lives, but it is especially true at our places of work. We spend a good amount of our time in the presence of our coworkers so it feels good when we perceive ourselves as part of the group. Custom apparel is a great way to let everyone know they are involved, appreciated, and that they should be comfortable in their work environment.

The act of receiving a gift means someone else thought of you. And when you see others around you receiving gifts as well, it means that you are on an equal level as them. People like to know they are included in this privileged section of the workforce that gets to work for your company, and that your company recognizes their contributions.


It feels good to receive a gift. It makes you feel cared for, thought about, and appreciated. And when people feel appreciated by their employer, they feel an extra layer of gratitude beyond the paycheck. The emotional stability of an employee is important. Negative feelings toward a job can be toxic. It infects their work, their attitude, and the way they interact with others. Avoid this possibility by offering a simple gift to your employees every so often. Custom apparel is not only a great gift idea, but it has an effect on the way your employees view the company.

Shirts, hats, jackets—whatever you decide to give to your employees, it will make them feel good. First, the initial idea of a gift is helpful toward improving or maintaining and positive view of the company. And then they actually get to use it. Gifts can occasionally sit unused for long periods of time. But custom apparel is always useful. Everyone wears shirts, hats, or whatever you choose to have customized with your company’s logo.

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