05 Dec 2019

The 5 Most Effective Promo Products

The best promo products in Nashville are items people already use. These items are not only highly practical, but also long-lasting. Here are the 5 most effective promo products.


This one probably seems a little obvious, right? That’s because it’s such a good idea. Everybody uses a pen. Even nowadays when many people take notes on their phone, it’s still handy to always have a pen nearby. And if you find a pen you like, you might keep it with you at all times.

Pens offer a great opportunity for promo products. Not only does everyone use pens, but they also last for a long time. A pen is useful until the ink runs dry. The average lifespan of a ballpoint pen is two years. And when it comes to promo products, two years is a good amount of time for someone to have something with your business’ name on it.

The long shelf life, combined with the popularity of the product make it a great promo product. But if you add in the fact that pens are generally cheap, you have one of the top promo products.

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Tote Bags

Tote bags can be used for many things. They can substitute plastic bags at the grocery store, they can hold all of your items when you don’t want to carry a purse, and they can haul your picnic ingredients to the park. There are basically limitless options for use of a tote bag. And if your promo product is made well with a nice logo on it, a person could use it for a long time.

This extreme range of use makes tote bags a wonderful option for promo products. It can hang on a shelf for years. Every time a person opens the closet, there’s the name of your company waiting to greet them. But it goes even further than that. Every time that person uses your tote bag in public, everyone that passes them also sees the name of your company. Tote bags offer the capability of advertising your company to both the individual and random passersby for a prolonged period of time.


Everyone likes a good mug. In fact, many people collect them. Mugs have a very long lifespan and as long is it doesn’t get dropped, it can foreseeably stay in a person’s cupboard until the end of time. In fact, it’s been said that mugs stick around longer than any other promotional item. Creating a good mug with an attractive logo is a great way to make sure your name is in front of potential customers on a long-term basis.

Mugs are not only reliable, they can also inspire a person to seek out your services with a proper call to action. These designs and messages have a great effect when properly tailored to your brand and services.

A promotional event such as “free gift with purchase” can alter the buying habits of potential customers. The basic fact is that mugs are popular. And a mug with your name on it can be used for a long time.

USB Hubs

The USB hub is quickly becoming an indispensable necessity. Smartphones frequently include USB connectors for charging or updating. This has led manufacturers in wide-reaching industries to make their appliances and gadgets have the ability to connect through USB ports. And what better way to connect multiple USB devices than with a USB hub.

Outlets fill up fast. But USB hubs can be the savior. These highly practical accessories can be customized with your business logo. This way, a person will see your business’ name whenever someone needs to plug in a few items at once. The USB hub is associated with relief and comfort, therefore connecting those emotions with your company.


We’re going to need umbrellas as long as it rains. This means an umbrella with your logo could be used until the end of time. Umbrellas are useful and timeless. People don’t generally throw away an umbrella unless it’s broken. So as long as the construction of the item is of high quality, the umbrella will be around for a long time.

People generally scramble for an umbrella once rain starts falling. And when they do, they’ll find something that is not only extremely useful, but covered with your logo.

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Finding the proper promo products for your business is essential. These items have positive aspects whenever they are used. But finding something that matches specifically with your business will yield even better results.

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