05 Dec 2019

How Custom T Shirts Can Help Spread the Word About your Company

Everybody wears t shirts at one point or another. Everybody can find a use for them—whether you wear it as a main article of clothing, an undershirt, or maybe you wear one to bed. They’re comfortable, simple, easy to care for.

Custom t shirts have become an incredibly popular means of promoting a business. There are a large amount of different possible promotional products a company can use, but t shirts remain one of the most popular options.

But why is that? Why are custom t shirts such a great way to promote your business and/or products? Let’s look at how they can benefit you and your business.


Custom t shirts essentially turn your customers into walking billboards. They carry your brand and message with them wherever they go while wearing your shirt. A TV commercial will reach the people watching a particular show. A radio ad will reach people on that particular channel at that exact time. And a pop up ad will only reach the people already on a particular website.

T shirts, however, can reach people anywhere—walking around the grocery store, pumping gas at the gas station, and wandering around the mall. The possibilities of this are essentially limitless. T shirts can reach people wherever people can go. Getting a handful of these t shirts out there ensures your branding will reach a large number of people every time they are worn, throughout different parts of the city.

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Increased Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is crucial to a business. You want your business’ name to pop into someone’s mind whenever they think of your service/product/industry. You will be their first call or visit if you are at the forefront of their mind. Multiple points of exposure is the best way to increase your brand recognition. You want people to recommend you to others while also calling you themselves. They won’t be able to do this if they don’t know you exist.

The person who owns your t shirt will know who you are. If nothing else, you know this person has a firm grasp of your brand identity. However, this extends to the other people this person comes into contact with. Significant others, roommates, coworkers, all of the people in frequent contact with the owner of the t shirt are going to know your brand identity, as well.


This is what sets custom t shirts apart from other promotional items. As we said earlier—everyone wears t shirts. There are just so many different uses for them that people tend to hang onto them until they are unwearable. And if the t shirt is well-constructed, this can take a long time. This means people will be hanging onto something that has your business’ name on it. The longer they have your item, the more comfortable they be with your brand.

You want people to feel like they’ve known your business for a long time. This breeds trust. And trust is very important when people are looking for where they want to spend their money. An old t shirt that’s worn in just how the person likes it—there’s almost no better association. People will hold onto your custom t shirt because they like it. And this translates into sales because it makes them more inclined to like your business.

Low Cost

Promotional items are generally given away for free. The idea is that all of the benefits listed above will outweigh the production cost. This can be difficult to calculate but an irrefutable aspect of the equation is that lower cost of production will create a higher return on investment. And the good news is that custom t shirts are generally a low cost item. The materials are fairly cheap. The printing is fairly cheap. So providing custom t shirts to current and potential customers is actually a somewhat low-risk venture.

This low cost is even more attractive when compared to other marketing options. The fact is, advertisements are expensive. Television, billboards, even internet ads can be quite expensive.

And there’s no guarantee people will pay attention to these ads even though you’re paying more upfront. Custom t shirts have a level of guaranteed engagement from the simple fact that someone is going to put your logo on their body. That’s at least one person who becomes intimately engaged with your business even if they don’t leave the house.

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