05 Dec 2019

How Company Holiday Parties Benefit From Custom Promotional Products

The holidays are a great time to build relationships between coworkers. The holiday spirit opens people up and leads them to be more generous. Management should be thinking of ways they can foster this mentality. They should be looking for any means they can find of increasing the level of community their employees feel both toward each other as well as the business itself.

Custom promotional products might seem like they are only useful when handed out to potential customers. However, there are also benefits to providing these materials to your employees. And what better atmosphere to not only provide presents but to bolster any feelings of kinship than a holiday party?

Companies frequently provide their employees with a night of food and drinks to celebrate all of the hard work of the year. New and old employees come together to show their appreciation of each other. Management, of course, joins in this as well. This is a great opportunity to provide custom promotional products to help cultivate a positive working atmosphere.

Here are some of the ways custom promotional products can help a company holiday party.

People Like Free Stuff

This is a pretty basic fact. Everybody likes to get something for free. Your employees will always be grateful when you provide a venue, snacks, and music. Parties are fun. But adding in the extra benefit of a gift takes that appreciation to another level.

This appreciation is a base instinct. It almost doesn’t matter what the gift is. The thought and care it takes to provide a gift is a grand gesture of thoughtfulness. However, including custom promotional products has an added benefit of associating the business with this gratitude. Your employees will be happy to receive a gift from the company, and including the business in that gift will only yield positive benefits.

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Giving Gifts to Your Employees Builds Relationships

The appreciation your employees will feel from receiving these gifts will have a few effects. First, their gratefulness will be expressed in good cheer. A group of people receiving gifts in a jovial atmosphere will compound on each other. Laughter is contagious. So is a positive environment.

The second effect will be a strengthening of bonds. People tend to want to remain in their position longer when they feel a connection to the business. This connection is fostered through positive interactions. And a great-looking and useful custom promotional product is a great way to encourage positive interactions.

A Sense of Humor is Appreciated

These promotional products are an opportunity to have a little fun with your employees. You can show them that while you take your business seriously, there’s always a little room to have fun. The holiday party itself will be evidence of this. But you can double down on this opportunity by providing custom promotional products that are a little lighter than the standard company atmosphere.

Provide your employees with something that they will enjoy. Don’t be self-deprecating but don’t be overly serious either. Any light-heartedness is always appreciated in a business atmosphere.

Make this work for you. Take some time to imagine how your gifts will be interpreted and tailor them to the best possible outcome.

What Should You Give?

This is the fun part. The truth is, there are plenty of wonderful options for custom promotional products to give to your employees. There are two ways you can go about deciding what to get. One option is to find items they can use while they are at work. This can include anything from office supplies to apparel. Using these items at work acts as a fun reminder of the holiday party while also providing them with the materials they need to actually do their work.

The other option is to provide them with things they can use in their day-to-day lives. Umbrellas, coffee mugs, tote bags, things of that nature. This way, they can be proud of where they work as they go about their days. The trick is to design these items to be relaxed and subtle. You want these items to feel like a positive addition to their lives.

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