14 Jan 2020

Custom Hats: Great For Every Season

There are plenty of reasons people wear hats—comfort, style, a means of expression, etc. This list could go on and on because hats are popular, and for good reason. But no matter what your personal reason is for finding a good-looking hat and popping it onto the top of your head, there’s a way you can make that hat even better—customize it.

Finding the perfect set of colors or design on the front of the hat can be difficult. So why not get exactly what you want? Custom hats are not only great no matter what time of year it is, they are also the easiest way to get something you’ll love. So let’s look at all the ways custom hats are great for every season of the year.


This is the time of year where everyone wants to be outside. The beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures draw people out to beaches, picnics, outdoor concerts, and walks through the woods. It’s comfortable and beautiful so why would you want to stay indoors? And a major aspect of being outdoors during the summer is sun exposure.

The days are longer in the summer. And the more time you spend in the sun, the more chance you have of being burned by it. A very sunny day can produce a sunburn in around 15 minutes, so it’s best to protect yourself in any way you can.

Hats not only cover your head, the brim can provide shade for your face. Sunscreen works up to a certain point, but simply avoiding direct contact with the sun is the best way to save yourself the hassle of dealing with a sunburn. And customizing that hat makes sure that you love the way it looks on top of the other benefits it will provide.

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Changing seasons are always a little unpredictable. You never really know when the full swing from summer into winter is going to happen. Sometimes summer can hang on much longer than we expect. And sometimes winter doesn’t seem to want to wait its turn and charges in before we are ready. Finding the perfect custom hat helps ease this transition to fit whichever scenario you find yourself in.

You want to be ready for the changes. And sometimes the perfect hat will do what it needs to do in multiple situations. This is where you need a hat that is lightweight enough that it won’t make you sweat when the sunshine is beating down on top of you. But you also want something that can withstand the occasional cold gust of wind.

Find your custom hat to best fit your needs. Material, style, design, whatever you are looking for, a custom hat will be able to deliver.


Cold winds, shorter days, and snowfall are all reasons a custom hat is needed in the winter. Not being able to find the right hat is no longer a good enough excuse to leave yourself susceptible to the frigid conditions. We’ve all felt our ears grow numb because we weren’t properly prepared for the plummeting temperatures. Well, this doesn’t need to be a concern any longer.

Custom hats keep us safe from the occasionally dangerous conditions that can be a part of the winter. And even though Nashville might not have to worry about large amounts of snowfall, our winters can still benefit from a custom hat.

Starting your car in the morning before work is generally done at the coldest time of the day. You don’t want to start your day incredibly uncomfortable. So do yourself a favor and find a custom hat that you not only love, but will keep you comfortable until the days start to grow longer.


The first sign of warmer temperatures can feel like an absolute gift. The increased sunlight and ability to leave your thick coats in the closet draw us back toward the outdoors. However, there is another part of the springtime that comes every year: Rain.

Average rainfall increases during the spring because of various atmospheric factors. And this rainfall is going to fall straight onto your head and into your face. Unless, that is, you have a custom hat with a brim sitting on top of your head.

And when the rain isn’t falling, the sun is shining. As we discussed earlier, a good hat is essential to avoiding sun damage as well as simply remaining comfortable.

Are you ready to secure your custom hat to stay comfortable and confident this season? Contact FCI Promos for all of your custom hat needs in Nashville.