30 Mar 2020

Are Custom T Shirts the Best Promotional Products?

Promotional products serve many purposes. They ingratiate you to your customers. They serve to keep your company’s name fresh in their minds. And promotional products fulfill a specific purpose in the customer’s life, ensuring they remain useful and in your customers’ homes for years to come.

But all promotional products are not created equal. The wide variety of choices for promotional products can fulfill the needs of almost any business. But at the same time, the wide variety makes it difficult to choose which type of promotional product you should employ.

So how do you make the choice? Is there a best option?

T shirts are used by almost every person in the world. And although many other options offer great advantages, are custom t shirts the best promotional products?

They’re Functional

Everyone has a use for a custom t shirt. They’re comfortable. They fit perfectly. They can be worn under other shirts or as the main event themselves. Everyone in the world has t shirts in their closet because of the irrefutable fact that they are a joy to wear. There are many different situations where t shirts are advantageous, and we’re always finding new ways to wear them.

This is perhaps one of the top reasons custom t shirts are such an effective promotional product. A person will hold onto a t shirt even if they don’t like what’s on it. This is because you never know when you’re going to need another t shirt.

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They’re Customizable

A custom t shirt can have anything you want on it. Your company’s name, the logo, or perhaps just a catchy slogan that people can associate with your company. All of these options are possible, as well as a number of others that you might not even know about. This flexibility means you have complete control over how your custom t shirt will look.

A slick design will make people take notice. This draws attention from random passersby every time your customer wears the t shirt in public. Your potential customer pool grows with each new person that becomes aware of your company.

They’re Durable

T shirts last a long time. Some people keep t shirts for decades. And if they’re made properly, there’s no reason for someone to get rid of a t shirt before it becomes unwearable. This long lifespan means the benefits of someone wearing your shirt will touch a large number of people.

And as the years wear on and the t shirt sees more and more action, the deterioration will only serve to endear the shirt to the wearer. We love our old t shirts for their increased comfort as a result of a long history of usage.

They’re Adaptable

Use it as an undershirt. Use it as a work shirt. You can use your t shirts for a wide variety of tasks beyond the simple idea of wearing it to the grocery store. Although it can do that too! T shirts can do a lot more than one particular task. Other promotional products might be manufactured for one specific purpose. T shirts can be used in a number of different ways.

This can include different ways of wearing the shirt, or something altogether different. Use it as a rag. Use it as a flag. You can do whatever you want with a t shirt. And as long as the customer continues to have it around, they’re going to be thinking about your business.

They’re Unmistakable

The ability to specifically tailor the design of your custom t shirt means you can portray the exact message you want. Branding is important. It allows people who have never heard of your services to get a feel for your company. And the good news is that even if you’re not artistically-inclined, FCI Promos can help put together a design that best represents your company.

Putting this design on a t shirt keeps you fresh in the minds of your customers as well as those near them. Take control of your messaging by providing slick and attractive custom t shirts.

But Are They the Best?

Custom t shirts provide a great number of benefits, as we’ve just listed. But are they the best promotional product? In reality, it’s impossible to quantify what constitutes the “best” promotional product. You have to find what works best for your company and your customers. This is why FCI Promos offers a wide variety of options for promotional products. Everything from pens to coffee mugs can have your company’s message included for all of your customers to see.

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