23 Mar 2020

8 Ways Custom Promotional Products Help Your Business

Custom promotional products are a great way to get your company’s name in front of your customers. Here are the ways it can benefit your business.

1. Familiarity

People like to do business with companies they feel like they know. A well-known company comes with an implied guarantee of quality service. This is true for any industry — whether you sell hats, serve coffee, or train members of the workforce.

Custom promotional products put your company’s name in front of potential customers in a friendly and repeated manner. And the more someone interacts with your company — even by seeing your name on a t-shirt — the more comfortable they are going to be with you.

2. Sets You Apart From Your Competition

A well-designed custom promotional product is unique. There are so many options for you to choose from that the chances someone will encounter a similar item are pretty small. This is doubly true if you’re comparing your offering directly to those of your competitors.

It’s pretty unlikely that you are the only business offering a version of your service. Competition is natural. And you should make use of any means you can find of setting yourself apart from your competition.

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3. Increases Leads

These items don’t need to be purely ornamental. There are ways you can use them to generate leads which will eventually lead to an increase in sales. Many promotional products include a digital reward system through methods such as QR codes. These codes take the customer to a personalized web page that offers special deals after they fill out a short form including their email address and other information.

These items can also be used as incentives for signing up for a service or as a reward for referrals.

4. Customizable

The most fun aspect of custom promotional products is the range of options you have to choose from. Not only can you customize the look and feel of a given object, you can choose from a huge assortment of options.

Apparel, office supplies, drinkware — almost anything can be used as a promotional product. All you have to do is imagine what you customers would most enjoy and put it together. And if you are unsure of your design capabilities, we have a team of expert graphic designers that can help out.

5. A Useful Business Card

Business cards get lost, tossed, or ignored. Custom promotional products serve much the same purpose but in a more useful way. A custom promo t shirt, for example, is much more difficult to misplace. And when someone puts it on and wears it in public, it serves as a notification about your company to the wearer as well as everyone they come in contact with.

Don’t waste your time with a flimsy piece of paper that will likely be damaged or lost by the end of the day. Promo products keep your business’ name in your customers’ minds while also serving an immediate purpose for them.

6. Encourages Loyalty

The recognition that comes from promo products builds trust along with the familiarity we mentioned earlier. Both of these things combine to encourage the customer to continue using your services. This happens because they are more inclined to like a company that is already helping them by providing a useful promo product, but also because they are consistently reminded about your services.

Useful custom promotional products are held onto. Sometimes, these items can be used for years. It might sound silly to say people grow an attachment to items such as frequently-used coffee cups, but they do. And if your company’s name is on that coffee cup, this attachment gets transferred to you.

7. Saves Money

Custom promotional products are quite inexpensive when compared to other methods of marketing. The cost of production, shipping, and eventual dispersion of the products costs far less than what a company would normally pay for television ads, billboards, or other forms of traditional marketing.

And not only is it cheaper to produce promo products than to pursue traditional marketing, the products also last a lot longer. Television commercials come and go in less than a minute. And if someone is talking or doing something else instead of watching the program, that’s money down the drain.

8. Introduce Your Company in a New Way

It’s always advantageous to take your customers by surprise in interesting and positive ways. Making use of custom promotional products is a great way to portray your business in a way people might not have previously seen. And once the products are out there, they have the opportunity to gather the attention of more than just the people who originally received the promo products.

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